The Webmaster Tool Kit Offers Free Utilities

The Webmaster Tool Kit (TWTK) is a suite of software applications targeted towards adult webmasters. With 20 applications and tools in all, ranging from a simple Contact Manager to the complex secure encrypted file system, TWTK Is constantly being modified, improved and updated with all updates being free to the end user.

One of the highlights of TWTK is the innovative Private Encrypted File System which protects sensitive and personal files from snooping people and prying eyes. The only way to access this area is with your personal password. Other applications include a Contact Manager, Password Manager, Bookmark Manager, Credit Card Manager, Flow Chart Creator, To Do List, Reminder Manager, Simple Text Editor, Spell Checker With Thesaurus, Board Watcher, Bulletin Board Message Editor, Thumbnailer, Power FTP Client, Telnet/SSH Client, Application Manager, Network Connection Mapping, Graphical Ping, WHOIS Lookup and a Personal Web Server.

Among these useful tools, webmasters might find the Thumbnailer and the Board Watcher particularly useful. With the Thumbnailer you can view images to add to galleries, make web pages, add variables to customize them, and more. The Board Watcher is an innovative new product that works in the background on your PC scanning the adult industry's webmaster forums for specific terms you have selected, and offers you three options for how you receive this information. It also searches the forums for terms at your request.

The best part for the adult webmaster is that they are all in one place and they are all free, saving the user hundreds of dollars in shareware and software purchases, as well as saving time with everything they could possibly need right at their fingertips to run a successful adult Internet business.

According to Marketing Manager David Adda, "TWTK was created as a tool to help primarily adult webmasters in their daily tasks. It was developed by adult webmasters who understand the daily challenge and issues faced by our fellow webmasters. We are planning on upgrading the offering very often and are working on new features that will surely please many. We thought that a free suite of software tools would be appealing to many and looked into ways to do just that, so we decided to turn to a model where sponsors would pay to have webmasters use TWTK for free. After all, most sponsors spend a great deal of money to acquire new webmasters. TWTK will give them the option to reach a captive audience in a non intrusive way. Our final goal is to have around 50,000 total install. Our projection also includes downloads from mainstream webmasters, who may be intrigued by the adult industry and want to try it out."

For a detailed description of all the applications and to download your free copy of TWTK, please visit