2000Charge Offers Merchants Credit Card Processing

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – 2000Charge has announced the launch of new credit card processing solutions for US and European webmasters.

Due to the recent VISA and MasterCard regulations aimed at the high risk market, 2000Charge has concentrated their efforts in providing solid and secure merchant solutions for webmasters, and has been recently CISP certified.

Perhaps best known for their European Direct Debit processing, 2000Charge now offers real-time online credit card clearing in a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way, providing merchants with membership subscription services, recurring billing, member management and e-commerce solutions for their online shopping web sites.

According to Wolf, CEO of 2000Charge, "Offering merchants our merchant processing solutions allows them to be in control of their own processing destiny and therefore providing them with a more stable and secure processing environment. We are excited about this opportunity to give our merchants more management of their businesses."

According to the 2000Charge web site, "2000Charge was established in 1999 when it pioneered the European debit processing market since then it has grown into offering the most comprehensive payment processing solutions. 2000Charge payment options enable merchants to increase their revenue potential by expanding their billing options and allowing them to take transactions outside the U.S. In addition to transaction credit card processing, 2000Charge offers European debit processing, Asian ATM payment processing, online check processing, and phone billing solutions."

2000Charge will be exhibiting at the Internext-Expo 2005 in Las Vegas.