Announcing Pothos Playground

Pothos Enterprises has announced the launch of Pothos Playground.

The site was designed with high-end look and esthetics intended to provide a "high class experience" to adult entertainment.

According to Pothos' Chief Pervert, "Our intent was to create a site with high-end look and feel that will appeal to men and women alike. A lot of women are intrigued by porn, but turned off by some of the hard edge pictures and graphical approaches. Our subtle "high class experience" approach enables surfers and members to come to the site, select from a wide variety of content then enjoy until the heart’s content. Couples are surfing Pothos Playground together and are taking their sexual experiences to higher levels with the addition of our integrated pharmacy and toy stores. After a year of research and site development we are extremely pleased to unveil our site."

Chief Pervert continued, "The response from our work has been extremely positive. Our affiliates are very pleased with their outstanding conversion rates from our designs and we see huge customer satisfaction results in repeat business. When members ask for specific content, we do everything we can to give it to them in a timely fashion."

Pothos Enterprises’ membership pricing model is $24.95 per month recurring with a 50 percent affiliate payout on both initial and recurring signups.

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