Superintendent, LAUSD Sue Adult Webmaster

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Superintendent Roy Romer and the Los Angeles Unified School District sued a man Thursday for setting up gay adult websites on a variety of domains named after L.A. government officials.

The websites, whose domains include, after the city supervisor, and after the law firm representing the school district, have been altered since the suit was filed. used to feature a photograph of the school superintendent and the words “Roy Romer’s House of Ill Repute,” as well as a wide variety of hardcore gay porn pictures.

According to owner David Grant, he set up the websites after becoming frustrated during a complex legal battle waged against the school district over a worker’s comp claim.

“Gay porn will be uploaded to this site this coming Monday, along with a press release similar to the one below,” Grant wrote in a statement circulated on the Internet earlier this month. “Every week from now on, another jackass politician in California will be honored with a porn website. They don’t pay my medical bills, so I’ll put these sites to work making money for me.”

Grant, an aircraft mechanic trainee at the time, was injured in 1995 when a split-rim tire burst as he was filling it on a LAUSD campus.

He eventually suffered the loss of his left leg and severe damage to his right leg as a result of the injury.

After an almost ten-year legal battle with the LAUSD over on-going medical expenses and a variety of worker’s comp issues, Grant said he decided his best option was to make money in the adult entertainment industry.

“I understand Romer might take offense, but I’ve got bills to pay and he knows this,” Grant said. “Besides, what’s he going to do? Sue me? It appears that legal judgments in California aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on anyway.”

Lawyers for the district said that they were only seeking a temporary restraining order to have the site shut down and did not want any monetary damages.

“This is a commercial site with no serious content and it’s posted in violation of numerous federal and state laws designed to protect against exposing children to pornography,” LAUSD lawyer Kevin Reed told the Associated Press. “It’s entitled to no protection as free speech.”

The district also alleges that Grant sent spam email to more than 500 district employees and attempted to lure the district’s 700,000 students to the adult website.