HitPointer Offers Geo Targeting Service

NEW YORK, NY and LAS VEGAS, NV - Active Net's HitPointer Geo targeting service has opened for business.

This hosted tool lets webmasters and site operators know what countries their traffic is coming from, and provides the ability for even the most non-technical of webmasters to direct traffic on a per country basis to URL's of their choosing in real time. HitPointer is supported by a world class network.

HitPointer allows you to place a simple piece of JavaScript code one time on your web page. Once that piece of code is in place, you and your colleagues can enjoy web-based control of where you direct users who visit the web site, on the basis of their country of origin. For pay sites, online stores and similar commerce enabled web properties, adding in the ability to geo-target incoming traffic and then route users to pages that offer country-specific billing and customer service access can add as much as 20% or more to top line revenue.

In addition to revenue related issues, geo targeting your site's users with HitPointer may also help you limit your liabilities in the age of obscenity concerns on a country to country basis. While many webmasters presume that outside of the USA you can display more hardcore content without question - that is only true for some countries, with laws and rules changing all the time. If your web sites are being seen globally, being able to redirect users from countries where the display of hardcore content is illegal can help you save long term on legal costs and put you ahead of the curve on managing your liabilities.

While intended as a tool for commerce sites, all types of web sites can benefit by use of geo targeting services. For business to business/webmaster resource and service sites that offer language translated versions of press release, company information, merchant services, etc., having the ability to automatically direct site visitors to language specific versions of your B2B content can immediately impact response rates and loyalty.

For more information, please visit www.hitpointer.com.