Pentagon Opens Inquiry Into Amateur GI Photos From Iraq

Jeff Berg
WASHINGTON — Amateur porn message board is at the center of a Pentagon probe this week after several picture series were posted on the site that purportedly portray naked female GIs in Iraq.

The inquiry began last Friday after Army officials were notified of the photographs.

A spokesman for the Army Public Affairs office told XBiz Monday that he was unaware of any current investigation.

Sources told the New York Post that army official had not been able to confirm yet that the women in the pictures are actually enlisted in the military, but XBiz discovered that an article published on the Department of Defense Website features photographs and quotes from someone who appears to be one of the women in the photographs.

The article, dated Oct. 13 2003, about the first group of soldiers that used the Defense Department’s rest and recuperation leave program in Iraq, is accompanied by statements made by Spc. Christina Perez, a personnel services specialist with the 320th Military Police Battalion, and a photograph is Perez seated on a bus with a friend.

Both Perez’s name and rank match those given on the website and the women in the pictures on both websites bear more than a passing resemblance to each other.

The U.S. military, which describes pornography as “the display of human genitalia, uncovered women’s breasts or any human sexual act,” bans all possession of the material under General Order No. 1.

“If your big brother sent you a Playboy for fun, it would be your responsibility to get rid of it immediately,” Pentagon spokeswoman Maj. Elizabeth Robins told the Register Guard in Eugene, Oregon. “The Army takes it seriously. Soldiers have been prosecuted for possessing unauthorized items.”