KinkyWalls Offers Adult Calendars

ROGERSVILLE, TN - KinkyWalls, a provider of custom and commercial adult industry posters and promotions, has announced the availability of its Create-Your-Own-Calendar product line for 2005.

For the Holidays, you can create your own calendar from KinkyWalls extensive adult poster collection using six single-sheet calendar templates that are available for you to choose from, and adaptable to whatever size poster you desire. Prices range from $11.95 for the 11x17-in. size to $29.95 for the 24x36-in. size. Shipping is free, and posters can be drop-shipped.

The ordering process is simple: On the Calendar Order Page of the KinkyWalls website, you simply (1) select the image you want on your calendar, (2) decide on the calendar template you like best, (3) select your size from the four calendar sizes available (4) decide how many calendars you want for yourself or to give as gifts, and (5) place your order.

Text and logos can be added, making these an ideal Holiday promo gift for firms in the adult industry, or even for traditionally male-oriented businesses in the vanilla world.

You can even have calendars made from your own pictures, as long as the copyrights and 2257s are cleared, and your images are suitable for large-scale reproduction.

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