RomanCash Joins TabooRevenue

ROGERSVILLE, TN – TabooRevenue announced today the addition of RomanCash's sponsor program to their client list.

RomanCash's sponsor program will allow webmasters to cash in while promoting hot niche sites. Webmasters can choose to promote any or all of RomanVideo's sites: RomanVideo, SmotherMeNow, TrampleMeNow, or PonyBoyz.

When Brian Babayans, President of RomanCash, was asked what sets their site apart from the competition he replied, "The content. Our content is directed, filmed and produced by people who are into these fetishes which makes a huge difference to the consumer who also enjoys these fetishes. Whether its face-sitting, trampling or female domination, we make content that we would enjoy watching. Luckily, we have found thousands of others do too. Also, we use beautiful models and porn stars who actually are into the BDSM scene in some way. In addition, our point of view camera angles which put the viewer in the movie is a big selling point for our site and which sets us apart from most other fetish sites. Watching our videos lets the viewer feel like they are right there with the Mistress, alone in a room with her, commanded by her to do kinky things."

Brian also offered some advice to help webmasters maximize their profits from promoting the RomanVideo sites; he recommends "Our face-sitting content is a very popular fetish. For high conversions, they should first promote our face-sitting content followed by the trampling content. We have two face-sitting sites: and Each site has its own unique content. The trampling site is and the ponyboy site is"

Webmasters will have two ways to earn cash with the RomanCash program. They will be able to earn 50% commission on all one time monthly memberships and 50% commission on all recurring monthly membership fees for the lifetime of the member. So be sure you sign-up today!

For more information, please visit