TopBucks Announces November Promotion

TopBucks has announced an innovative new promotion designed to reward existing TopBucks webmasters for increasing the number of sales they send to TopBucks’ sites.

For the pay period of November 1st through the 15th, TopBucks will pay an additional $15 per signup for each sale sent in excess of the number of total sales sent through the same account during the recently completed October 1st through 15th pay period. For example, if a webmaster referred 50 sales during the October 1st – 15th pay period at $35 per signup, and the same webmaster refers 75 sales during the November 1st – 15th pay period, 25 of those sales would be paid at the rate of $50 per signup, meaning an extra $375.00 in bonus compensation.

"We’ve run a variety of promotions tailored to encourage new webmaster signups, or benefit people for sending traffic to us for the first time," said TopBucks’ Director of Public Relations Quentin Boyer "this time around, we wanted to reward our current webmasters, and provide incentive for them to promote our sites even more heavily than they already do."

Eligible accounts will receive an email from TopBucks that includes an accounting of the sales sent during the October 1st – 15th pay period, letting them know what sales threshold they need to achieve before receiving the additional $15 per signup. Certain terms, conditions and limitations apply.

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