XBiz Launches Print Publication

Gretchen Gallen
LOS ANGELES – Adult news portal XBiz has launched the first-ever, large-format adult trade publication called XBiz World.

A natural extension of the successful resource site XBiz.com, the monthly trade magazine features an informative blend of news coverage, in-depth feature articles, a legal advice column, insight into the gay and lesbian arena, and an insider's view of the issues, technologies and market trends facing the domestic and international adult entertainment industry.

XBiz World, a tabloid-style magazine, is helmed by a staff of award-winning journalists and a dedicated team of business professionals. The magazine's debut issue reached a large swath of the webmaster community, and according to XBizWorld publisher Alec Helmy, "XBiz World will continue to provide leading edge business coverage to the adult industry every month."

XBizWorld's mission is to provide both the seasoned webmaster and adult brick-and-mortar professionals with coverage on a wide range of pertinent topics such as emerging digital and mobile technology, global convergence, landmark patent and trademark issues, obscenity and child pornography prosecutions, First Amendment issues, credit card processing, traffic and search engine strategies, and the business dealings of some of the biggest players, production houses and distributors in the industry.

"XBiz has grown tremendously over the years and the next phase of our brand's progression had to be print," Helmy said. "Going into print has not only widened our reach throughout the industry, it has increased the quality of our business content. To give XBiz World a unique identity, we decided on a large-format layout, a first in the adult industry. We're confident that XBiz World will be embraced by webmasters and business professionals alike."

Lori Zee, director of business development and marketing for XBiz said, "XBiz World was a natural outgrowth from XBiz.com, and XBiz World will offer even more extensive coverage to webmasters; coverage that truly affects, enhances, diversifies or expands their businesses. Our mission is to provide the most thorough and comprehensive information to the adult industry. I believe the combination of XBiz online and XBiz World achieves that mission."

The magazine's first issue featured an expose on the continuing iBill saga, a broad view of how ICANN's approval of the .XXX domain could affect the adult industry, and a close look at some of the ways to safely play by copyright rules in cyberspace, in addition to a multitude of exclusive stories on technology, court decisions, industry personalities, video releases and legal issues that could have resounding effects on the online economy.

XBiz World has already garnered impressive feedback on the premier issue from some of the most prominent industry leaders.

Launched in 1998, XBiz.com offers a broad range of business information including breaking news, trade articles, company directory, discussion boards, company press releases, daily and weekly newsletters and free business services.

XBiz is also host to the industry-renowned annual XBiz Awards coming to Las Vegas in January 2005.