4Score Enterprises Launches Vibrateher.com

DAVIE, Florida - 4Score Enterprises has launched its flagship web site, vibrateher.com.

Vibrateher.com features real South Florida women satisfying themselves in a natural setting. Put simply, vibrateher.com shows real women having real orgasms.

"In the past, womens sexual pleasures were kept in the confines of their bedrooms (unless they were porn stars). The creation of vibrateher.com gives the ordinary woman, who is not afraid to express her sexual desires on camera, the opportunity to share her moment of ecstasy with both genders that have a fascination with female masturbation," says Marco from 4Score.

Marco continues, "Vibrateher.com was designed to allow both genders to observe the every day woman (amateurs, not actors) in a natural setting, masturbating to the point of orgasm. Most adult web sites use actors from the porn industry to portray the everyday woman in reaching a false orgasm." Not that there is anything wrong with busty women faking it on camera, but many users want to see the real deal. As women become a larger and more vocal participant in the online industry, there has been a higher demand for atypical content, which may include extensive back stories and a heavy focus on amateur content. Vibrateher.com has been designed, from the ground up with a female audience in mind. From the content, to design and functionality, 4Score Enterprises looks to tap into this untapped market.

"Our web site has been design with a classy presentation which provides all natural, intimate scenarios of masturbation. Our models are not posed and we allow the models to explore their bodies as they please. Other adult web sites take on a more in your face style of presentation, which we feel doesn't give justice to the beauty of the female orgasm," claims Marco.

So, after tackling the enigma that is the female orgasm, what comes next? Well for starters, the guys at 4Score will be expanding into other areas of masturbation such as male, transvestites and voluptuous women. "We're already seeing incredible interest in our male masturbation product, which is still in development," says Marco. "Even as we were shooting pre-launch content for vibrateher.com, we were receiving more applications from men than we were from women. Male masturbation, although seemingly ubiquitous and almost laughable at the same time, holds a lot of interest with both the gay male and female markets. There is simply no content out there right now which will reach the market like ours."

For more information, please visit www.4scoreenterprises.com.