Comus Thumbs Announces Changes

Comus, a leading provider of TGP management software, surprised thousands of webmasters with their announcement of a price increase, product changes and plans to stop offering their very popular free version in preparation for the release of the "Next Generation of Comus."

"I had to slow it down a bit", said Sixzeros, the creator of Comus Thumbs. "The Comus Network had just been growing too fast. Plus it's time to move on to the next stage; I've got something even better in store for Comus owners. Our webmaster community is so supportive; most of our webmasters have been anticipating this, and all of the changes, even the price increases, are in response to their own suggestions."

Comus became successful when they introduced the 'Prod Booster', a radical new system of TGP management which boosts site growth. Since the beginning of this year, literally thousands of webmasters have downloaded the free trial version, bought their single domain licenses or purchased a "server license." A server license allows webmasters to put unlimited domains on a single server with one Comus license, and quickly transfer galleries using the site to site export tool, turning out multiple, more niche-targeted TGPs. This product offering will also undergo changes.

So what prompted the end of the free version? "I just wanted to make it easier for more people to use our products, so I strengthened the documentation and the A.I. so that Comus does more of the thinking for you," said Sixzeros. "The existing system is so much better than the old, and it doesn't make sense to just give that away for free. As it stands until the end of the month, the only difference between the free version and the paid domain license is the 2% skim." Webmasters have been scrambling to register and get the last of the free fully-featured software, which includes upgrades, before the deadline.

Sixzeros assures, "Everyone will be able to use the power of Comus to build fast growing TGPs, because there will always be a free trial. It will be our 'basic thumbs' edition. 'Easy Comus' won't have all of the features that we'll be adding to the fully licensed version, but it will still be superior in it's productivity. As for the licenses, we're making it easier for webmasters to earn them as prizes for contests through webmaster resource boards and sponsors such as Triple X Cash, who will buy a Comus single domain license for any webmaster reaching 50 sales."

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