Angel Cassidy, Others to Stage Anti-Bush Rally

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Ninn Worx contract girl Angel Cassidy and the "No More Bush Girls" are invading the Hustler Hollywood store on Saturday in order to register voters and rally against George W. Bush.

“We’re making a statement by speaking with our bodies,” said Angel. “Sometimes your voice doesn’t get you enough attention.”

Accompanied by a DJ and frolicking go-go girls, Angel, along with NMBG founders Angela Taylor and Lisa Boyle, as well as Penthouse Pet Sunny Leone, Nikki Nova and others, will be encouraging voters to sign up with Rock The Vote over the course of the evening.

The evening is another in a string of events by the adult industry to rally against President George W. Bush.

“Pornography can have debilitating effects on communities, marriages, families, and children,” said Bush during a proclamation inaugurating the annual “Protection From Pornography Week” in 2003.

Attorney General John Ashcroft, a Bush appointee, has waged a war against pornography and even went so far as asking that the statue of Lady Justice in the Justice Department Building be covered because she was topless.

Bush has also regularly linked regular pornography to child predators in position papers and proclamations made on the website.

“I really don’t like what Bush stands for in terms of the adult industry,” said Angel. “I think there are bigger problems in the world that we should focus on. We’re not hurting anybody – sexuality isn’t a crime. So, when I was called to be part of the campaign, I jumped at the chance.”

The No More Bush Girls organization, comprised primarily of adult industry professionals, was started by Angela Taylor and Lisa Boyle is a response problems they perceived with the Bush Administration’s stance on the adult entertainment industry.

“The need to vote this year is greater than ever,” the No More Bush Girls stated in a release. “With a world at war, global warming and pollution on the rise, and the largest national debt in history, the Bush Administration’s policies have added to, not helped, these problems.”

“If he were a CEO, he would surely be fired,” the group said.