AdultWebware To Release Version 4.0

AdultWebware has officially announced version 4.0 of their content management system.

The long-expected version 4.0 is a modern and up-to-date pay site content management system. As the basic system testing is now completed, the company managers decided to speed up the official release of the product, slated for October 15th.

Key features include simple visual content management, regardless of the data volume (both photos and videos), content division into trial / full designations to show to the proper membership level (to increase trial to full conversions), automatic thumbnail generation (thumbnails of any size are available), a content search system, content viewing by niches (each niche can possess an independent design template), plus content viewing by episodes (each episode can include the episode gallery, image gallery, story, descriptions and keywords), with the option of the full image gallery to be downloaded in a zip-file (for members). A special calendar for planning and marking updates, automatic update setup by the owner's request, pay site tour integration, and many other tools are included as well.

AdultWebware offers top notch quality and mission-critical stability, with a new admin interface design and lots of new features. Prices will be a pleasant surprise for you, too, since you don't need to pay for the functions that you aren't going to use. The price of the basic version is only $134.95 per site. The full version costs only $175.95 more. You can also preorder ready-made design templates for a minimum of $66.95 per design. Tough players may find interesting the multi domain version for 20 sites, which costs only $100 per site, with the means for storing all of the content in one place. Bulk buyers can reckon on special discounts.

You can preorder your AdultWebware(s) v4.0 before the release via Pay Pal transfer and receive a 15% discount. All preordered copies will be installed within 24 hours after placing the preorder payment.

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