Saucy Fast-Food Ad Campaign Looks at ‘Size’

Rhett Pardon
CARPENTERIA, Calif. — There’s more proof that porn is going mainstream.

CKE Restaurants has a new television commercial for its Carl’s Jr. division that uses a double-entendre penis joke.

Called “Size Matters,” the fast-food chain uses images of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Sen. John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld holding their hands to show how big “it” is.

The “it,” however, is left up to viewers’ imaginations.

“Everyone in Washington is talking about how big they are,” the Carl's Jr. ad says.

The ad touts one of the fast-food diner’s “largest double burger in the country.”

The 30-second ad was rolled out this week, according to the Carpenteria, Calif.-based company. No other details were given.

The ad campaign marks the second time this year that a fast-food chain has decided to use a “porn” type theme to target a specific age-range of consumers.

In April, Miami-based Burger King launched a campaign fashioned after a sex webcam site.

Calling it an "interactive peepshow," Burger King created a flash-powered website called which features an actor dressed in a chicken suit standing idly in a living room in a garter belt, ready and waiting to please. That website still exists.