Hustler Launches New Pay-Per-View Channel

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Larry Flynt’s LFP Broadcasting announced the launch of a Hustler TV pay-per-view channel today.

The new channel features content from VCA Pictures and Hustler Video and is available in an individual-title format, 3-hour and 6-hour blocks and as a monthly, 24-hour subscription service.

According to previous releases, Hustler TV will feature a hardcore version of “Can You Be a Porn Star?” and “Reel Joe,” a television show where porn stars compete for the attention of an average guy. An adult entertainment musical titled "Misty Beethoven" is also planned.

Hustler TV already released a nationwide video-on-demand version of the channel earlier this year.

A PPV version of Hustler TV launched in Canada last year.

“We are extremely excited about the domestic launch of the Hustler TV PPV channel,” said Michael H. Klein, the executive vice president of LFP Broadcasting.

“With the dominating performance that we have seen of the Hustler TV PPV channel in Canada and the already high buy rates seen from our VOD service here, we are confident that Hustler TV will be one of the leading adult PPV networks in the United States,” Klein said.

The channel will be available on Intelsat Americas 7, transponder 16. Ascent Media Network Services will be handling network origination.