TDavid Joins As Technology Specialist

Klixxx has announced the addition of TDavid as Technology Specialist for their official blog site,

TDavid has been a leader in uncovering new technologies and programming applications and applying them to web sites and applications. Webmasters can look forward to his updates and comments on the latest tech headlines, software and tools, as well as learn more about the power of blogging and how to apply new technologies to their own web sites. Webmasters can also post comments and questions in response to each blog post.

"So what kind of entries can you expect from me in this 'Technology Blog' category? Well of course I'll be sharing some of the cool things to do with your web sites and/or affiliate programs and occasionally some cool programming-related stuff but also new products and services that are being made available on the web that might be of interest to webmasters," said TDavid about his participation at "I'd like to get your feedback on what is of interest to you since the tech side of the business is so wide open. If there is something specific you'd like to learn more about in the world of programming, blogging, technology and/or the technical side of the business feel free to post comments and I'll see what I can do to fill your request."

For more information, please visit TDavid's new Technology Blog at