JennaCash Launches New Galleries, Web Mall

Jeff Berg
CYBERSPACE — Jenna Jameson’s affiliate program unveiled more than ten new hosted galleries on Thursday and launched a web mall that stocks Jenna-related merchandise, Jenna’s marketing strategists told XBiz.

JennaCash, the affiliate program for, launched new galleries featuring high-quality hardcore, softcore and girl/girl pictures of Jenna and her friends, and an ecommerce website where affiliate members can make a commission selling Jenna products, according to Jean-Francois Laverdiere, a partner with Manhattan-based consulting firm TalkPorno.

“With the high demand for free galleries, it seemed like a perfect time to release some for Jenna,” Laverdiere told XBiz. “Right now, we’ve got several different types of content. There’s one set of Jenna with someone, there’s two girls with another male, a few solo, just to name a few.”

According to Laverdiere, JennaCash also launched on Thursday, which allows affiliate members to refer traffic and make a commission off each purchase.

“Jenna’s been all over the news with the release of her book,” said Laverdiere. “A lot of people have been asking about it. We wanted to offer webmasters the opportunity of selling either personalized copies of the book, t-shirts or the snow board.”

The new website stocks autographed copies of Jenna’s autobiography, “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star,” as well as commemorative video “Brianna Loves Jenna,” Sims Fader snowboards and a variety of videos, toys and memorabilia.

Affiliate members will receive a 35 percent commission on all sales that they refer to

Six new video galleries of Jenna should also appear by the end of next week, according to Laverdiere.

Jenna herself has been involved with a publicity tour following the recent release of her book.

In addition to the book’s success, Jenna has proven to be enormously popular online and in videos. According to Jenna’s husband Jay Grdina, who is the CEO of ClubJenna, Jenna signs up 500 new members per day.