Marketplace Co-Sponsors Academic Study, a wholly owned subsidiary of Auctionweiser Enterprises, Inc., has announced their support of an important research project about customers and e-commerce. To enable the public to have a better understanding of e-commerce, has partnered with Nova Southwestern University to facilitate an academic survey.'s partnership in this research project will help address the need for knowledge about the influences on electronic marketplaces.

Dr. Larry Chiagouris, Associate Professor of Marketing for the Lubin School of Business at Pace University, commented that this research "has the potential to advance our understanding of customer relationships and how to extend them in the e-commerce arena. This may result in not only greater knowledge as to how to create more satisfied customers, but better practices in building stronger relationships with people who shop using the Internet."

"Auctionweiser & the InterShopZone Marketplace has always shown interest in working with leading colleges and universities such as Nova Southeastern University", said Eric Rosen, vice-president of marketing and member services. "The company has regularly entertained and executed several different academic studies in the past, and this study should help both organizations better understand the average member and visitor of our marketplace."

The survey that is being co-sponsored by the Marketplace is completely anonymous, and does not require the user to provide any contact or any other identifiable information that they may not seem fit to answer. While this is an anonymous survey that both members and visitors will have the opportunity to be a part of, neither Auctionweiser Enterprises, Inc. nor its related web properties will use the information collected by the survey in any non-academic way.

The independent academic study is conducted by a research team led by Thomas J. Decker, III of the Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University. The survey will run from September 29, 2004 – December 29, 2004. To participate in this very important survey and have a real impact on the way e-commerce is delivered, please click here.