New Sensations' Label 'Domina 4' Hits Stores

Gretchen Gallen
CHATSWORTH, Calif. – After penning a deal with distribution company New Sensations last year, director John T. Bone has released the fourth installment of the "Domina" series.

Set in Brazil, "Domina 4" was produced and directed through T. Bone's Sao Paulo-based company where he maintains his production facilities. The new title features Felicity Jones, Karina Bonita and a supporting cast of Brazilian actors and actresses.

Jeff Mullen, president of media and marketing services company All Media Play, told XBiz that the newest "Domina 4" release carries on T. Bone's tradition of recruiting inexpensive talent to work in lush, beautiful outdoor locations and some of Brazil's most lavish countryside mansions.

Mullen added that T. Bone prefers to work with South American talent because of similarly stringent HIV testing facilities in and around Sao Paulo and because Brazilian talent don't bring the same "drama and headaches" to the set as some of their American counterparts.

"Domina4" is available in VHS and DVD format through New Sensations or on video store shelves, Mullen said.

In other news for T. Bone, the veteran director has signed a gonzo deal for videos with Phoenix Releasing that will be shot exclusively in Brazil and will utilize the talents of some of the actresses T. Bone has worked with over the years.

“I have this incredible access to some of the most beautiful women found anywhere and I simply could not obtain enough release positions with New Sensations to justify more production in South America,” T. Bone said.

According to Mullen, who represents both Phoenix Releasing and the John T. Bone Company, the director has never signed an exclusive gonzo deal with anyone before, considering that he was the pioneer of gonzo, all the way back to the group gang bangs of the 1980s.

T. Bones first release under his new deal with Phoenix Releasing is "Rubber Dolls" scheduled to hit shelves in early October.