JKP Inks Deal to Sell European Couples Videos

Rhett Pardon
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Attempting to diversify its catalog of content for retail sales and television distribution, Jill Kelly Productions said Monday it signed a deal with Erotic Media to supply soft-porn videos that will be packaged under the Blu label.

Beginning in November, JKP expects to release a new Blu release weekly, in addition to its Jill Kelly Productions, Bizarre, Gwemedia and Collateral Damage XXX offerings.

The Blu line targets the "couples" niche market and is shot in various European countries, including Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Spain.

JKP’s deal with the largest publicly traded licensor of adult entertainment content in Europe is for North American DVD and VHS sales rights of "European Erotica" feature films.

Exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, but JKP said it has an “equal revenue sharing basis” with Erotic Media. Additionally, North Hollywood, Calif.-based JKP will be allowed on a case-by-case-basis to make sales worldwide for both DVDs and other media, including television distribution, the companies said.

“Erotica Media and JKP see this alliance as a natural fit with our marketing and sales strategy to become a dominant global presence,” JKP CEO Robert Friedland said in a statement. “The Blu line revenue-sharing agreement provides us with a line of broadcast quality European adult entertainment films while dramatically controlling costs and risks.”