Pluginfeeds Launches 3 New Reality Content Feeds

PlugInFeeds announced the launch of 3 new reality content products today, including two new gay site products that fit the ever-popular "twink" or gay teen niche.

"We've received a lot of great feedback on the feeds," said KevinK, Marketing and Business Development Representative for PlugInFeeds. "One of the most frequent requests we get is for more gay content, so we're really pleased to roll out TwinksForCashXXX and GayBlindDateXXX. We've seen how much our own members love this content on the TopBucks sites, and now we can offer that same quality to our streaming clients."

In addition to the two gay products, PlugInFeeds has unveiled a new straight product that fills an anal "sub-niche" that has been gaining popularity lately. "HerFirstATM is not about a girl going to the bank machine for the first time," said Director of Public Relations Quentin Boyer. "Ass-to-mouth content, distasteful as it may seem, has been a hot item in the adult video industry for several years now, but we're just starting to see it exploited on a large scale in the Internet space in the last eight to ten months."

PlugInFeeds offers all new clients their first week free, weekly updates, user-friendly interfaces, strong reality content in hard to find niches, and packages starting as low as $99 a month.

For more information, contact KevinK at or ICQ number 2132587016.