Kinkywalls Launches PYOP Image Service

ROGERSVILLE, TN – KinkyWalls has introduced Print Your Own Posters (PYOP), a new, cost-effective way for adult entertainers to create fresh income by satisfying fans and friends in a whole new way.

KinkyWalls offers custom and commercial adult posters for sale on its web site, Their new PYOP division brings this ability to the adult entertainer who wants to offer professionally-made posters of him or herself to fans and friends, but without the prohibitive cost that formerly made this a near-impossibility.

KinkyWalls PYOP creates two separate profit possibilities for adult entertainers and models. The first approach is to sell hard copies of their unique poster images to fans and friends, through their own special mini-page created on KinkyWalls' web site. TabooRevenue handles the bookkeeping and accurately disburses the proceeds.

The second approach allows the entertainer to purchase their own posters at low wholesale prices and in much larger quantities, from a hundred or two, up to the tens of thousands, for sale or use in trade shows, conventions, tours, theaters, clubs and the like, where a direct profit is made on each individual sale.

KinkyWalls creates each poster from a photograph or electronic file that the dancer or model provides. Aside from a small, one-time processing fee of ten dollars per image, there is no other charge for creating a basic poster or for setting up the PYOP mini-page. (Adding text, logos, or "electronic airbrushing" of an image adds a small amount to the cost.) PYOP posters can be customized with distinctive borders ... made up as calendars or other promotional items ... and even have text and logos added on runs as short as just one or two posters.

"It's not only the entertainers who can benefit from this new service," explains KinkyWalls CEO Craig Christopherson. "Take a topless bar, for example. Each dancer could individually offer poster images on her own PYOP mini-page — but the bar owner can just as easily arrange this for all of the dancers and, without cutting into the dancers' profits, take a commission on sales for the bar's own bottom line."

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