Adult Digital Media Offers Free Content Feed to IBill Customers

Gretchen Gallen
SAN FRANCISCO – made a show of support Thursday to payment processor iBill, which earlier this week was denied a motion for a preliminary injunction in a contract dispute against First Data Merchant Services Corp.

ADM, the content division of, deals with hundreds of webmasters who use iBill on a daily basis and apparently saw an immediate ripple effect when it became known that iBill could possibly face closure in light of First Data's termination of a contract to provide credit card processing services.

In support of iBill's current travails with First Data, ADM is offering webmasters who are using iBill's services a free content feed for two months.

"If any other payment gateway or transaction company had these problems, we would be offering them the same support," said Win Dunseath, co-founder of ADM. "We as a community must work together to remain strong through any obstacles and challenges we face."

The newly launched teen genre feed updates daily and is 2.5 gigabytes of high quality 1.2 megabyte downloadable content, Dunseath told XBiz. The feed typically would cost webmasters $250 per site, per month.

"Having been involved in the adult industry for many years, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest companies in the industry," Dunseath continued. "Our relationship has been one of mutual respect and great service."

Dunseath added that ADM's offer will save each of iBill's webmasters hundreds to thousands of dollars during iBill's transition.

"We hope our support will help alleviate some financial impact during this time," he said.

Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based iBill filed a complaint against First Data on Sept. 17 alleging that the company reneged on its promise to help iBill transition its accounts to another credit card processor after the expiration of a contract dating back to 1998.

"We have all read about iBill’s dispute with First Data and understand the impact it has on iBill and their clients," Dunseath said. "I'm confident iBill will work their issues out in the near future and ADM is willing to show their support to iBill and its webmasters."

Dunseath has invited all webmasters who have used iBill to contact him at

According to an iBill representative, the company continues to maintain operations as it makes the successful transition to its new credit card processor, Merrick Bank. That transition is expected to be complete by November.

IBill has also said it intends to release a full statement by Friday, Sept. 24, informing the adult webmaster community of its progress.