PussyCash Unveils New Casino Program

Jeff Berg
CYBERSPACE — Well-known webmaster referral program PussyCash.com announced a new online gambling program today that provides Internet gamblers money back if they lose, according to a statement issued today.

The new program acts as a free portal for three online casinos. Users download the casino software from the CasinoInsurance.com website and register their account through the website.

Once registered, users get anywhere from 14 to 17 percent of their losses back, depending upon the total amount of money lost at each casino.

“This program is unique to the gaming world and we’re very excited about its official launch here at PussyCash,” the company said. “CI was created to enable players from all over the world to enjoy the web’s top casinos with confidence.”

PussyCash also offers affiliates $50 for every signup that deposits money into one of the program’s featured casinos.

Currently, CasinoInsurance is partnered with Be The Dealer Casino, Casino 4 Aces and PlanetLuck Casino Online.