Pens Retail Bookstore Deal

Gretchen Gallen
SEATTLE – penned a retail distribution deal this week with A Different Light Bookstore, a gay owned and operated bookstore founded in 1979, AresMen President and Executive Producer Nick Sparks told XBiz.

With locations in West Hollywood and San Francisco, the deal with A Different Light is AresMen's first retail deal with a company outside of the adult industry. The deal also includes the bookstore's website,

Seattle-based AresMen is a division of Ares Entertainment Inc. The company launched in early July with an aim to create videos that are fun and sexy in an authentic believable way, a spokesperson said on the day of AresMen's launch.

The first video scheduled to appear on A Different Light bookshelves is new release, "CockTales v.1: The Intruders," which is already being sold via AresMen's website, but is scheduled for an official release in early October.

"For us, this is really a great deal," Sparks said, adding that the manager for ADLBooks had been a great help in assisting with the deal and making the push to offer new content to gay consumers.

"They recognized the need to have some fresh blood in the mix and it's a good match for all of us all around," Sparks said.

"CockTales v.1: The Intruder" features Damon, David Trail, and Tyler Stark and focuses on the small story genre, which combines amateur and professional content with a thin story plot to tie it all together.

AresMen plans to start production on a second video in November that will be more focused on real life fantasy, Sparks said.

AresMen's adult distributor is West Hollywood, Calif.-based Pacific Creek.

“It’s about time the industry got some fresh content,” said Christopher Garner, manager of ADLBooks. “We’re excited to carry AresMen and even more excited to be carrying their first video. We believe it will be very popular with our customers and look forward to carrying on a long and fruitful relationship with AresMen.”