Jill Kelly Productions Signs Japan Distribution Agreement

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Jill Kelly Productions announced a new distribution agreement today that will allow the company to broadcast and sell licensed titles in Japan, CEO Robert Friedland announced this morning.

The new deal between JKP and Japanese companies Max-A Co. and Japan Home Video Co. will allow for the distribution of movies over cable, satellite and video-on-demand television in the Japanese market. The deal will also allow distribution of DVD, video cassette and internet properties.

“Our agreement to license distribution of some of our titles in Japan furthers our effort to increase distribution of Jill Kelly Production movies worldwide,” Friedland said.

This is the second international licensing agreement that JKP has entered this year. In July, the company announced a distribution agreement with Romania-based S.C. Folitexxx Video SRL that would allow broadcast and sales in the Eastern European market.

“As part of our commitment to increase shareholder value, we look forward to continued reporting of our efforts to increase our product line, add additional sales fire-power in the United States and expand international distribution,” Friedland said.

One of the few publicly traded adult entertainment companies, JKP experienced rapid stock growth on the Pink Sheets yesterday at its price more than tripled as it jumped from its all-time low of 15 cents to 50 cents.

In addition to its new licensing and distribution agreements, the company also entered into a partnership with a privately held European production company in order to produce more graphic films with a lower production cost earlier this year.

The company also signed Nikki Benz, star of Pleasure Productions’ “Strap-on Sally” series, earlier this week.