Shutters its Doors

Gretchen Gallen
EVERETT, Wash. – After only a year and a half in business, the owner of webmaster affiliate program made the official announcement Monday that he will be shuttering his business and leaving the industry, a company official told XBiz.

StupidCash owner HardcoreJ attributed the move to the overall instability of the adult industry at this time.

After first notifying webmasters in the program via email, a notification was posted on message board setting off instant speculation among webmasters that Visa's strict 1 percent chargeback rule had finally sunk the once-popular affiliate program.

However, Josh Hendershot of StupidCash told XBiz that HardcoreJ decision did not have to do with Visa and that he is merely interested in moving on to mainstream business ventures, although specific plans were not revealed.

"This is not an issue with Visa," Hendershot said. "It's just time to move on."

HardcoreJ stated in his posting that as of Oct. 15, StupidCash will no longer be accepting new members. All affiliates using the StupidCash revenue share program will be paid for the life of the membership they generated.

Hendershot added that he was not sure what will happen to the StupidCash domain name.

"Webmasters have a month to take down existing links," Hendershot told XBiz. "After which point we won't be taking any new joins and all owed money will be paid accordingly. That's a must."

Hendershot finished by saying that StupidCash had enjoyed a great deal of success during its run, including making good contacts and business partners in the adult industry.

StupidCash is run by Everett, Washington-based parent company 1337 Creations.