Jill Kelly Signs New Star

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Jill Kelly Productions announced today that “Barbie Doll come-to-life” Nikki Benz was signed as its newest JKP contract star.

Nikki comes to JKP from Pleasure Productions, where she starred in “The Nikki Benz Show,” “Undercover Operations,” and several films in the “Strap-on Sally” series.

“I am very excited about becoming a part of the Jill Kelly Family,” Nikki said. “This is a very exciting time for me and I promise that great things are going to happen with our union.”

Born in the Ukraine and raised in Canada, Nikki began her career as a pin-up girl and then moved into adult films. She credits the industry with helping her grow as an individual.

“Being in adult films has brought a positive change in my life,” Nikki said. “I became more self-confident and self-assured. I have also learned many business skills. To me, this is a great business to be in if you have the right attitude and people skills. I hope to be in this business for a long time, eventually moving on to producing and directing.

Nikki's move drew acclaim from JKP President Jill Kelly, who described the actress as a “Barbie Doll come-to-life.”

“We are extremely happy to add Nikki to the JKP family,” Kelly said. “I look forward to getting her in front of a camera as soon as possible.