Free Speech Coalition Picks New Executive Director

Rhett Pardon
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition announced Friday it has tapped Michelle Louise Freridge to serve as its executive director.

Freridge will take the reins of the Chatsworth, Calif., organization that serves the adult industry on Oct. 4.

Freridge, who is in her 30s and a San Fernando Valley resident, holds a master’s degree in public administration and has several years’ experience in grant-writing for non-profits, program management, event coordination and membership development.

“Of the four final candidates, I was so impressed by Michelle — she is dynamic, alive and well-directed,” current FSC Executive Director Kat Sunlove said. “She has a very impressive package of talents and will put an emphasis to broaden the group’s base.”

Sunlove said one of the reasons that the board selected Freridge was because of her experience in cultivating large donations, financial budgeting and knowledge of the Internet.

“She has in mind what we wanted – to reach out and broaden membership to adult webmasters and the retail segment,” she said. “We are very optimistic that Michelle will provide the kind of leadership and energy that FSC must have going forward.”

Freridge replaces Sunlove, who has served as interim executive director for the last 10 months.

Sunlove, who has been with the FSC since 1997, will continue with the organization as legislative affairs director.

The FSC has an annual budget between $300,000 to $350,000.

Freridge will be making her first industry-related appearance at Gary Kremen's party on Sept. 18 at his home in Encinitas.