South Padre Action Fills ‘The Guy Game’

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES - Set on South Padre Island during spring break, "The Guy Game" takes the tried-and-true trivia genre to a new level by not only having players answer questions about topics ranging from NBC’s “Friends” to mathematics, but then also showing them footage of drunken girls being asked the same question. If the girl gets it wrong, it’s off with her top.

The game’s action takes place in four rounds. In the first round, players must answer the questions and guess whether the girls on the video footage can answer correctly. Then players are treated to a selection of hand-eye coordination games involving batting balls around. Round three consists of the girls only incorrectly answering trivia with players guessing what their incorrect answers will be.

In the final round, called the “Hottie Challenge,” the girls must compete in physical challenges ranging from sack races to hula hoop contests. Players bet on which girl they think will win and the girls are given handicaps based upon whether they agree to engage in the challenge without their shirts on.

When played with more than one person, the “President” feature is enabled, allowing players to compete against each other after each round with the penalty being that the loser must take a drink.

"The Guy Game" comes between the release of Eidos Interactive’s Singles, a simulation where players must convince two virtual characters to fall in love while balancing their daily activities, and Cyberlore Studios’ Playboy: The Mansion, a strategy game that asks players to step in Hugh Heffner’s shoes and take over the Playboy Mansion.

"The Guy Game" is available on both the XBox and the Playstation 2 costs about $40. It is rated “M” for Mature audiences.