Howard Stern Helms Voter Drive

Gretchen Gallen
LOS ANGELES – In a campaign called "Clip the Bush," radio host Howard Stern has joined 185 Infinity Broadcasting-owned radio stations to make the push to get people to register to vote for the November presidential election.

Stern and Los Angeles-based web host Dream Tank launched a page on Tuesday giving surfers the option of downloading a voter registration form along with information on where to mail the form and where to obtain one if they were unable to print.

"Radio stations and DJs nationwide have banded together today to get the vote out there, either driving people to Howard Stern's website, or to the homepage of other radio stations," said Jim Henley, director of business development for Dream Tank. "Howard really wanted to support his fellow radio personalities in this drive and we were simply incorporating the needs of our client."

Henley added that Dream Tank had considered an alliance with Rock the Vote, the voter registration vehicle for several adult entertainment companies that have made a similar voter push, but Stern drew his inspiration from the fact that Infinity Broadcasting was supporting those 185 radio stations and disc jockeys in a widespread company rally.

With only 30 days to go before voters can register for the upcoming election, Stern has joined likeminded efforts of several adult companies, including Chi-Chi Clicks, the Internet Media Protective Association and the Free Speech Coalition, which have all launched similar voter initiatives to encourage adult webmasters and surfers to take a more active role in controlling the current political environment.

IMPA and FSC have set up click-through voter registration pages on their sites that link to Rock the Vote. They are also asking webmasters to include a code link on their sites, which can be obtained through both of their respective websites.

"I was pleased to see that Howard launched this campaign and devoted the front page of his site to voter registration," said Joan Irvine, executive director for Adult Sites Against Child Pornography. "It is important for everyone to vote, especially those concerned with the free speech guaranteed to all Americans through the First Amendment. Stern will reach millions of people – the silent majority. Together, we can make a difference in this election. With your help, we will!"

Irvine is also a board member for the Free Speech Coalition.

The voter drive page on will appear on the homepage for the duration of the day, Henley said, after which there will be a link to a separate voter page.

"Anyone who listens to the show knows how I feel about Bush and his buddies taking the country down the toilet," Stern said in a statement. "You have the power to change all of these things by voting on Election Day, but you cannot do that unless you are registered to vote. Please take the time to register right now, so all Howard Stern fans can unite and tell the president we don't want him in office anymore. Kick his frigging ass out of office and send him back to the ranch where he spends most of his time anyway."

Henley added that since its launch, Stern's website, which combines political activism with pictures and editorial snippets related to his radio show, currently has 200,000 members and has trafficked more than 2 million surfers through its message boards since July 2.

Dream Tank will also be designing and hosting Artie Lange's websites sometime in the immediate future. Lange is one of Stern's sidekicks on his radio show.