NWWL Launches Affilliate Program Site

Rhett Pardon
MELVILLE, N.Y. — As the Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling League gears up for its launch this month, 110 Media Group Inc. has rolled out NWWLCash.com, the official affiliate program.

Webmasters who sign up will receive a 30 percent cut of net revenues of subscribers they refer to the site, the company said.

The site, a partnership between 110 Media Group and 121Ventures, features statistics and marketing tools for adult and mainstream webmasters.

"Judging from our current interest, we expect this program to be very popular … because of the nature of the content being offered," said Ray Barton, CEO of Melville, N.Y.-based 110 Media Group Inc.

Toronto-based NWWL Productions Inc., owner of the branded concept, will feature exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage and dozens of video feeds of naked wrestling.

The website also will include a members-only VIP area with unique pay-per-minute live video feeds, pay-per-view extreme footage and branded merchandise.

Electra, the former vixen of “Baywatch” and MTV and Playboy fame will be the “temptress” and commissioner of the online pay-per-view program that combines full nudity with World Wrestling Entertainment-style wrestling. “The girls will be real rock-em, sock-em,” NWWL co-owner Jim Tykoliz told XBiz in June. “We expect to create a cult-classic program.”

The league includes 17 naked female wrestlers, each with a particular storyline.

Each pay-per-view episode, performed in front of a live audience, will include seven matches that are five- to six-minutes long. The feed will be priced at about $25 per pay-per-view.

Electra earlier signed a multi-episode deal with NWWL, with an option for four more events by the summer of 2005.

NWWL is a division of privately held 121 Ventures, which invests in developing media and entertainment projects for release on pay-per-view and television.