Pink Inks Reality DVD Distribution Deal

Ed Palomar
TUCSON, Ariz. — Pink Visual Productions has signed a nonexclusive distribution deal with Old Pueblo Distribution for its reality-based content. This marks the debut of its online material in the DVD format.

The new DVD lines include content from TopBucks’ leading reality sites,, and

Quentin Boyer, the director of public relations for Pink Visual and Cyberheat, said: “The number one question we’ve heard from our reality site members has been ‘When are these videos going to be made available on DVD?’ First, we started offering our DVDs online at We’re very excited to be reaching the more traditional offline DVD markets now, as well."

Pink Visual is the DVD arm of Cyberheat, Inc. Topbucks is Cyberheat’s affiliate program. The paysite is also owned and operated by Cyberheat.

Pink Visual is releasing one new title a week through mid-November. New releases will be distributed in time for Christmas.