FlashCa$h Launches Hosted Galleries

FlashCa$h has launched their hosted galleries program, offering over 1000 galleries representing all 27 of their sites.

FlashCa$h Minister of Information David D. explained, "The decision to have hosted galleries finally made sense for us and our webmasters. We took our time and have made sure to provide a level of gallery quality and technical ease of use that maximized profits for everyone. We also hired the industry’s top designers to ensure the galleries were of exceptional quality. We wanted to do it right."

"None of the galleries feature naked pictures of me," Added FlashCa$h’s pink-tressed Halcyon, "...despite my offers to pose for free."

David D. shooed Halcyon away and further explained that these initial 1000 galleries are just the beginning. "We created these hosted galleries in close cooperation with our top-earning webmasters. We will be adding galleries and features as this dialogue of innovation continues." David encouraged FlashCa$h webmasters to e-mail support@flashcash.com with ideas or new feature requests.

For more information, please visit flashcash.com.