In Partnership With SexKey has announced an affiliate partnership with SexKey whereby SexKey webmasters can register and promote as their own site and keep the entire $20 join fee. - a professionally designed AVS site boasting thousands of pics and movies - will host a 100 page, 2mb 'mega-tour’ for each webmaster who simply has to send traffic. And because SexKey is free to join, it's relatively easy for a webmaster to give away a free pass to which is why the site maintains an impressive 1:28 join ratio.

This unique idea could see the end of webmasters building minimalistic AVS sites consisting of just 20 or so pics. "Why would AVS webmasters spend time and money building a couple of galleries of the same old tired content, resulting in poor join ratios, when they could just send traffic to a large AVS site like," said webmaster Steve Nichol. "This would give them a much better ratio and actually satisfy the surfer once they are inside the members area instead of feeling they have been ripped off, resulting in less chargebacks which can only be good for our industry."

As part of the agreement, webmasters must sign up as SexKey webmasters (if they aren’t one already) which means they will be paid twice a month like all other SexKey webmasters. has nothing to do with payment and are therefore free to concentrate on marketing and maintaining their site.

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