Kevin Blatt Joins as a Consultant

Gretchen Gallen
SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Kevin Blatt was recently retained as a consultant for Nottingham, England-based, an affiliate site for men's health products.

A public relations specialist for the online and mainstream industries for the past five years, Blatt, based in San Diego, has been in the eye of the recent celebrity sex tape storm that has taken the adult Internet industry for a long and profitable ride.

Blatt first started with a public relations stint for Blue Gravity Communications and then went on to broker some deals for YNOT Masters.

Under the terms of Blatt's deal with Mensniche, his company, KB Consultants, has been hired to take charge of all public relations and marketing campaigns.

Mensniche runs the gambit of men's sex products from penis patches and pumps to "pro-solution" pills and more mainstream products for acne and weight loss.

"I'm really happy, these are young, sharp guys," Blatt said. "What initially attracted me to the business was that I was surrounded by young, sharp people."

Formally hired by Marvad, owner of Porn Kings, to promote the Paris Hilton sex tape, Blatt told XBiz that his contract recently expired, after being extended with Marvad beyond their initial agreement.

Blatt also handled all press related to the official release through Red Light District of "1 Night in Paris," which to date has sold more than 400,000 DVDs worldwide.

Blatt added that he is in the middle of finalizing a few more contracts with both mainstream and adult companies, which expects to announce in the immediate future.

Blatt is also working on a book about the celebrity sex tape genre, which he hopes to be finished with by the end of the year, and he is helming the Internet release of a sex tape involving wrestler Chyna, although Blatt added that the release of the tape is currently plagued with legalities.

Blatt said that while he had a great time promoting the Paris Hilton sex tape, he is relieved not to be involved anymore, although many of the major players in the tape's release and distribution were close friends of his.

Blatt added that the next incarnation of the famous Hilton sex tape is headed for the pay-per-view in-room hotel sector, and while most of the lawsuits over the alleged unauthorized release of the tape have been dropped, there is still pending litigation between Salomon and Marvad.