Dreamzotic Expands Downloading Capability to Every Movie in Network

Dreamzotic Video, a premium Pay-per-View theater provider, has enhanced its viewer options by now allowing any movie in its network to be downloaded. Dreamzotic’s content, which increases daily, includes thousands of full-length movies covering over 50 categories.

Dreamzotic first implemented the downloading option early last year. The decision was made that every new movie placed in the library would be available in both streaming and download mode. Viewers are able to choose either viewing format at any time without paying a separate fee or linking to another system.

Ashok Surapaneni, Vice President of Operations at Dreamzotic states, "The viewer response was so positive to the downloading option that we were compelled to expand that capability to our entire movie inventory. Consequently, whether one is selecting a movie from earlier inventory or one that was released today, the download function is available."

Dreamzotic provides a customer-centric environment that includes no monthly recurring fees and free online storage. Viewers can rent at their own convenience, with discounts for bulk packages, and now all movies having download capability.

For more information, please visit broadband.dreamzotic.com.