Falcon Cuts Ties With Jason Adonis

Gretchen Gallen
SAN FRANCISCO – The Falcon Family of Companies announced Tuesday that it has released Jason Adonis from its secured, in-house talent roster. David McKay, director of marketing for Falcon, told XBiz that parting with Adonis was a mutual agreement.

Adonis had previously been given high honors with Falcon as one of its Lifetime Exclusive actors, which means working only for Falcon for the entire span of his career.

Adonis was joined by only one other Falcon Lifetime Exclusive actor, Mathew Rush, who has appeared exclusively in Falcon-made films, whereas Adonis appeared in several films before signing with Falcon.

McKay described the cancellation of Adonis' contract as "extremely atypical." Adonis had been with Falcon for only seven months prior to his termination. He starred in three films that are slated for release in the coming months.

The first Adonis release, “Taking Flight," is scheduled for a Sept. 22 release date.

"We just came to the realization that the decision was best for both of us," McKay told XBiz.

San Francisco-based Falcon handles another nine exclusive actors, although none have yet been elevated to Lifetime Exclusive status.

“We wish Jason all the best,” Terry Mahaffey, president of Falcon, said in a statement. “And hope that he finds success in his new endeavors.”

Founded in 1972 by Chuck Holmes, Falcon is comprised of a family of gay content and video production studios, such as Falcon Studios, Jocks Studios, Mustang Studio and Falcon International brands.

Earlier this month, Falcon finalized a management buyout through its parent company Conwest Resources Inc. The buyout was organized through 3Media Corp., a company that was formed by Mahaffey and Todd Montgomery, both of whom have been with Conwest since 2003.

Under the terms of the deal, 3Media will serve as the corporate parent and holding company of the Falcon Family of Companies, although over time, 3Media will resume the Conwest name.

According to a company statement, along with the buyout, Mahaffey will continue to focus on film production and talent development as the president and CEO of the Falcon Family of Companies, and Montgomery will maintain overall business and operational oversight as president and CEO of 3Media.