AdultPeer Goes From Beta to Live

Gretchen Gallen
CARSON CITY, Nev. – Adult distrubution platform announced its formal launch this week after nearly nine months in development and a brief soft launch that began in July, Mark Ramsey, head of business development, told XBiz.

At a time when many adult companies are concerned with issues pertaining to copyright infringement and contributory infringement, the secure peer-to-peer service was designed to pick up where many popular P2P networks left off by creating a legal, low-cost, protected platform for distributing files, such as movies or any other adult media content that can be downloaded from a central website or from a distributor's website.

Unlike Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus and iMesh, AdultPeer is a closed-end deterministic network that only allows the legal owners of the content, producers or the studios themselves, to distribute and publish via the network.

"Nothing can be put into the network that is not licensed or legal for distribution," Ramsey said. "The validity of the file is maintained, which ends up addressing a lot of issues regarding 2257, piracy laws, and control of the material. If it's in the AdultPeer network and if there is an issue regarding the content, it can be disabled."

Based on a technology that has been downloaded more than 300 million times, with more than 70 million current users, the AdultPeer platform allows legal distribution of material with guaranteed quality of service for promotional material or highly accessed material to be distributed to the users.

Users can gain access through websites, thumbnail gallery posts, promotional material and webmaster plug-ins, and all content can have Digital Rights Management applied at the discretion of the content owner. AdultPeer's distribution network has been tested and works with, and

Fee-based AdultPeer maintains stringent rules regarding the kind of content that can be distributed over its network. The service provides a guaranteed file authentication system so that users cannot alter a file and then deliver it back to the network.

Load balancing allows for optimum download speeds regardless of peak hours, and the network can accommodate millions of simultaneous users, Ramsey added, without compromising download speeds, which he averaged in the seconds, unlike many other P2P systems which have far higher latency rates.

"Unlike a lot of other file-sharing systems, there is digital encryption that ensures the file is the correct file as it was received from the publisher," Ramsey said. "When you have commonality and popularity you increase the efficiency of the AdultPeer network."

AdultPeer offers content owners two main options for distributing their content. The 'Powered By' option accommodates customers who want to use a small amount of content for posting on TGPs and MGPs with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited access, and 'Channels,' for content owners looking to distrubte large quantities of content into the terabytes with no limits, Ramsey said.

"This offers huge savings to adult content producers and providers," he added. "And there is no spyware, adware, or garbage like that. We wouldn't be generating such interest in this product if we had any of that."

AdultPeer has a licensing agreement with newly launched AdultDigitalMedia, which allows AdultDigitalMedia to publish its products and membership products powered by AdultPeer.