Asia Bootleg Releases On-Location Reality Title

Ed Palomar
HONOLULU — AsiaBootleg is releasing its new reality video made entirely on location in Southeast Asia. The specialty film “Teen Philippine” debuts on Sept. 8.

According to Asia Bootleg’s owner Peter Frost, “Teen Philippine” was shot in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It features nine Filipinas aged 18 to 20-years-old having sex with American Caucasian males. “The film depicts a few first time boy/girl experiences,” Frost said.

The director stated that he uses the name Asia Bootleg because “it’s illegal to film in Asia, so we smuggle it out.” The Hawaii-based director called his films “the epitome of the reality style.”

Frost said he is a surfer who travels to the Philippines, Thailand and Bali with fellow wave riders. He got the idea for his videos because “girls are always hanging around athletes. This is a surfer’s untainted view of porn.”

Frost went on to say, “The films are all realistic. Myself, my surf buddies, we’re just cruising around, picking up girls. Nothing’s staged, there’s no casting,” said Frost.

“Sex tourism is a big industry in parts of Asia, it’s Bangkok’s number one industry,” Frost told XBiz. “We go to the bars and find talent. They all seem to be working girls. We pay them to appear in the films.”

The videos “Asia Bootleg Volume I” and “Asia Bootleg II” each have reality footage that feature two Thai, two Filipina and two Indonesian female performers. Frost explained that with “Teen Philippine,” he broke with his formula.

Instead of multinational talent filmed in a number of countries, “Teen Philippine” is different because it only stars Filipinas and was lensed just in their homeland. Therefore, Frost decided to release “Teen Philippine” separately from the rest of the Asia Bootleg series.

“Asian is the number one ethnic niche market,” Frost stated. “Many Filipinas are four foot eleven, and their small stature is real sexy to American Caucasian men. In the Midwest, Asian girls are unusual. What they don’t have appeals to them.”

Frost said he started his business as an Internet-only company in 1998, and ventured into videos and DVDs in the past few years. He also owns and, which feature live nude chat, downloadable video clips, galleries and affiliate programs.

Frost added that future titles will include footage he shot of women from the landlocked Southeast Asian nation of Laos. “Asia Bootleg Volume III” will be released by the end of September.