MX Development Launches 2257 Tool

Ed Palomar
NEW YORK — mx development has rolled out a new tool aimed at simplifying the complex record keeping process for models. The 2257 Register saves webmasters the time and effort of manually entering legally required detailed data regarding talent, mx’s President James McEnamin told XBiz.

“The idea for 2257 Register came to us from reading message boards and talking to webmasters,” McMenamin said. “Everyone’s concerned with the new regulations proposed by the Department of Justice. Instead of going offshore or otherwise trying to get around them, we are offering webmasters compliance with 2257 regulations.”

McMenamin went on to say “Content providers enter their model records, and are able to provide a URL location per set of content to the webmaster for each set sold. If the webmaster is using our software, they simply plug the URL into the 2257 register, and the model information is automatically added to their software database eliminating the hassle of transferring records by hand. This method allows the webmaster to simply add the URLs so the model can be found on the record greatly increasing the speed of record entry.”

Content providers are being approached to have their content libraries added into the database for 2257 Register to further enhance the value of 2257 register for the webmaster community at large.

mx development can provide a full resale license that allows unlimited user copies to sponsor programs to provide 2257 register to their webmasters as a value-added service for promoting their programs for a one-time fee.

Single user copies are available at a reasonable rate and mx development will install the application to the webmaster’s server at no charge.

“Webmasters are updated automatically of 2257 changes via the 2257 Register auto-update feature to stay on top of changes as they happen,” McMenamin said.

Internet company mx development has done business with firms such as Private Voyeur and Reality Check Network.