Penis Pump Judge Resigns

Gretchen Gallen
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A case that cast a perverse light on the Oklahoma judicial system came to a resolution Friday after Creek County District Court Judge Donald Thompson resigned from the bench over allegations that he had frequently masturbated during court proceedings.

A complaint was filed against Thompson in June by the state’s attorney general alleging that the 57-year-old judge used a clear plastic penis pump in public to enhance his erections.

Thompson was also accused of exposing himself on several occasions to a court reporter while in the act of masturbation, and on one occasion, a court employee reported witnessing Thompson shaving underneath his penis with a disposable razor while on the bench.

That employee was later fired when she cooperated with investigators, the attorney general said.

Facing judicial moral turpitude charges, Thompson's case was set for a judiciary review and a motion to suspend him. But rather than face removal from his duties and risk losing his pension, Thompson issued a statement saying that he would retire, effective Sept. 1. The statement was issued to Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry.

"I have greatly enjoyed my public service and offer my gratitude for the public trust reposed in me during the terms I served," Thompson's statement read.

In previous interviews with XBiz, Thompson's attorney, Clark Brewster, claimed that the allegations against his client had been politically motivated by attorneys who had been displeased with some of his case rulings. Thompson also claimed that the penis pump had been given to him by a friend as a gag gift for his 50th birthday.

Thompson has been involved in public office for the past 22 years.