One2one Announces Contest Winners

NEW YORK – Its final. The winner of the one2one 121 day contest "Win First Class Prizes with the First Class Liveshow Upsell" was announced on Friday at the 2nd VIP Scotch and Cigar Party.

Bjorn Skarlen, Director of Business Development for, gave the first prize to Rex from Totem Cash, who won the contest over a crowded field that included the top paysite programs. His team promotes at with tons of free content, and earns 15% more per sale than with any other live show upsell.

Rex won a dream vacation to attend the F1 Monaco Grand Prix valued at over $20,000! He and a friend will fly first class to Cannes, France from where they will be transported by helicopter over the Mediterranean to the Principality of Monaco for front row action during all four days of the premier Grand Prix event of the racing schedule.

They will stay in an exclusive +$3,000 a night luxury apartment with a large terrace overlooking the famous curves of the F1 event. At night they will attend VIP events where they will meet the top F1 race car drivers and other international celebrities. Keep a close eye on your TV to catch Richard's face during the race!

Platinum Dave, of Platinum Bucks, is an avid scuba diver and will be exploring the pristine waters off the coast of Florida's most beautiful Keys. As first runner up in the contest, he will fly directly from Toronto to the sandy beaches of Florida, stay within inches of the crystal blue water, and explore the world famous coral reefs to his heart's content - all courtesy of

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