Gallerybooster Launches New Script for TGPs

Ed Palomar
ROTTERDAM, Holland — Gallerybooster has launched a new script for Thumbnail Gallery Posts (TGPs). GalleryBooster v1.0 is designed to be a time and labor saving tool for TGP owners’ management of their sites.

“I deeply hope that this script can accomplish its goal in making the life of TGP owners much easier and the management work less time consuming,” said Gallerybooster Founder and CEO Dave Geerts

The Dutch company states that the script’s simplicity enables TGP owners to operate 10,000 TGPs from a single administration panel. The galleries and their descriptions, trades and even TGP designs can be managed with GalleryBooster v1.0.

According to Gallerybooster, the script makes Trade System-Trading very easy. The TGP owner simply adds a URL, sets the skim percentage and then the script picks a URL at random per skim.

The Rotterdam-based company ballyhoos GalleryBooster v1.0 as a tool that will boost TGP owners’ traffic and sales.

“With this script you’re in control of your own traffic. All the traffic and gallery clicks belong to you,” states Gallerybooster.

Gallerybooster said that the results of its beta testing for GalleryBooster v1.0 were very positive. To download the script, TGP owners can log onto Gallerybooster.