KSEX Games Make DVD and VOD Debut

Gretchen Gallen
BURBANK, Calif. – After an unexpected success and return by popular demand, the first annual KSEX Games 2004 is slated for its DVD debut through AdultDVDempire.com this week, KSEX Program Director Wankus told XBiz.

The DVD release will feature the entire games, bonus footage of some of the "Sex-a-letes" training for the events, and interviews with the teams before and after the event.

A video-on-demand version will be made available at KSEXgames.com along with pictures and information of the event.

Shot at a private home in the San Fernando Valley, the KSEX Games 2004 took place in August and was organized and edited in the style of a professional sporting event, complete with topless sports commentators Ginger Lynn and Quasarman, field reporter Katie Morgan, and Wankus himself as referee.

With KSEX acting as creative director, organizer and overseer of the event, the games played off the theme of the official Olympic Games, which began on Aug. 13, and kicked off in a similar fashion with porn actress Jennifer Steele carrying the ceremonial torch in the shape of a flaming dildo. Other kitschy features included Nicki Hunter singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

AdultVideoempire secured team members through Wicked Pictures, Private Media, Adam & Eve, Red Light District, and DVSX.com, each contributing up to seven of their brightest, most Olympic-worthy porn stars to the event.

Some of the companies paid the girls, some promised them roles in future films and some just asked the girls to come out an have fun, Wankus told XBiz.

The premise of the "adult olympics" pitted 30 female Sex-a-letes against each other in a range of games like a tug-of-whore, a Bitch Fight staged in a kiddie pool, a topless potato sack race, NIPple and Slide, and porn star BeachyBall.

Even Wankus was surprised by how involved the girls got in vying for the faux bronze, silver, and gold medals handed out at the end of each competition. A "Golden Shower" KSEX trophy was awarded to the team that secured the most points in competitions.

"When I came up with the idea for the 'Bitch Fight' I really didn't expect it to be so violent and wild," Wankus told XBiz. "I figured one of the girls would be hardcore and the other would just give in easily. These girls, especially the really small ones, kicked some serious ass!"

According to Wankus, he is already getting requests from talent and companies to participate in the next KSEX Games.

"We are receiving calls from other popular adult production companies expressing their interest in being in next year's events," Wankus said. "Some of them are actually kind of pissed we didn't ask them in this one."

Wankus added that by popular demand, KSEX is researching the possibility of doing a Winter KSEX Games in Tahoe later this year.

"For a first time event, we couldn't be happier! Everything went nearly perfect and the majority of the Sex-a-letes not only had fun but have been calling and emailing us, wondering how to secure a spot on a team for next year."