Innovative Ideas Launches New Statistics Finder

Ed Palomar
LAS VEGAS — Innovative Ideas International, Ltd. is launching an ARS Stats Remote service for its affiliates. The PC desktop program streamlines and speeds up the process for webmasters to find crucial statistics pertaining to their businesses.

“The ARS Stats Remote is a good tool for business people who want to see if they’re making money,” Innovative’s Vice President of Media Services, Scott Rabinowitz, told XBiz. “It predominantly finds revenue statistics, as well as traffic. Webmasters don’t have to do technical things and the ARS Stats Remote is especially good for those who are not mechanically-oriented. This is an all-purpose relief timesaver. It connects you directly to stats as long as you have the program running on your computer all day long.”

Rabinowitz noted that the current program has been reintroduced but is superior to its forerunner.

“This webmaster tool has been refined and has a couple of nice enhancements," he continued. "The stats remote tells you when there’s a reason to look at it. The software notifies you when sales are made.”

Rabinowitz went on to say that the program can also be customized. For example, as long as their speakers are turned on, webmasters can be notified every time a sale has been made via a cash register-like “ka-ching” sound. In addition, affiliates can use either older or newer versions of Windows.

In order to install the program, webmasters must log on to Affiliates then have to enter their ARS account number and password.

The ARS Stats Remote is the latest labor saving development that Innovative has introduced for the webmaster-on-the-go. Other streamlined advances that the firm recently launched include tools for free hosted galleries and the elimination of steps affiliates must perform in order to get correct URLs for promotional campaigns.

Innovative is a Las Vegas-based multinational Internet traffic management firm. It provides a wide range of affiliate revenue and traffic management solutions, ranging from affiliate networks such as ARS, ARS4Real, CHAMPS, AdvertisingRevenueService and Traffic Dude.