Sex Toy Shop Gets Behind ‘Anal Sex Month’

Rhett Pardon
SAN FRANCISCO — “Anal Sex Month” is here. (In case you ever forget, it’s always the second A-month of the year.)

It’s the third annual year San Francisco’s Good Vibrations sex toy shop has been celebrating it, and on Saturday the two-store chain is holding a party with the double-feature screening of “Bend Over Boyfriend” and “Bend Over Boyfriend 2: Less Talking, More Rocking,” two of the most notable back-door videos of all time.

It’s not the first time Good Vibrations — selling all types of sex toys, ranging from plugs to dildos to anal beads — has marked the calendar.

Good Vibrations is also responsible for “National Masturbation Month,” which is held every May. That event is capped by a night of masturbating — involving hundreds, communal-style — in front of three webcams.

Good Vibrations spokeswoman Niki Khanna told XBiz that she believes having a whole month dedicated to anal sex means people “aren't as touchy about the subject as in years past.”

Khanna said that a recent Playboy survey showed that 47 percent of men and 61 percent of women admitted having tried anal intercourse.

Anal sex doesn't "have to involve penetration,” she says. “Some people just like being touched on the tip."

Dr. Carol Queen, who runs Good Vibrations and appears in both movies of the double-feature, will present the show on Saturday at 5 p.m. at the Parkway Speakeasy Theatre, 1834 Park Blvd. in Oakland. Call (510) 814-2400 for more information; event is $7.