FlyntDigital Offers Webmasters Hustler’s Taboo, Reality Series

Ed Palomar
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — FlyntDigital is offering its affiliates two new websites. For the first time ever, FlyntDigital is offering webmasters an online version of Hustler’s Taboo Magazine. Hustler’s online arm is also debuting a new reality series called “Revenge Cam.”

FlyntDigital’s Internet Marketing Director Laurel Hertz told XBiz, “Taboo caters to persons who are curious about bondage. However, it is light bondage — there’s no torture or blood. Other sites are more extreme.” The magazine’s name is derived from a Polynesian word that can be translated as “forbidden.”

There has been a Taboo website for two years. However, Hertz said, “This is a first time feature for webmasters to promote. The entire photo archive of Hustler’s Taboo Magazine is online. There are also hosted galleries for Busty Babes, Barely Legal, Hustler and more.”

“‘Revenge Cam’ is new and was just launched," Hertz said. "This reality series is similar to the TV show ‘Cheaters.’ A spouse or loved one is caught cheating by a detective.”

The FlyntDigital version differs from the popular nationally syndicated television series and ratchets up ‘Cheater’s’ peeping Tom quality.

“‘Revenge Cam’ viewers get to see the triple-X action,” Hertz told XBiz. “And then the woman who is cheated on exacts the ultimate revenge.”

The vengeance comes in the form of the victimized woman having sex with another party on camera. This can be with a complete stranger or someone she’s close to. In any case, the video is then screened for the unfaithful partner, and the betrayed female has her revenge.

Unlike the “Cheaters” TV series, Hertz admits “the majority of the people seen on ‘Revenge Cam’ are actors. They sign 2257s. But I’ve never seen their faces before. ‘Revenge Cam’ definitely has an amateur, ‘Jerry Springer’ feel.”

According to a FlyntDigital press release about the Taboo and Revenge Cam offerings: “Webmasters are given the flexibility to choose from a three-tiered payout structure that best suits their moneymaking needs: a $4.95 trial price (at $40 per paid trial), the hugely popular $9.95 price point (with $25 per signup) or the $1 VIP site alternative (with $20 per signup).

“Affiliates can also decide to collect a recurring 70 percent rev-share of monies paid by their surfers forever. Console-free tours and payouts are also possible, allowing those looking to cash in big by keeping their exit traffic,” the press release states.

Hertz adds, “In addition to the hosted galleries, we’re providing multiple tours. There are different layouts for the sites that webmasters can choose from. They can also decide how they want to promote them."