TotemCash Launches New Marketing Tools

The folks at TotemCash have announced the introduction of two new marketing tools.

According to CEO Richard (Rex), "As with most programs, our webmasters have traditionally used banners, galleries, text ads, the usual stuff, to promote our sites. With this new tool called ‘Pic of the Day’ however, we’ve automated part of that process for them. Each day a picture of a new VirtuaGirl appears on the webmaster’s site. When surfers click on the pic, they get it enlarged and when they click on the enlargement they get taken to the gallery for that girl. It’s a new, more indirect way to push our galleries and it seems to be exactly what our affiliates have been waiting for."

"We’re just giving our guys yet more ways to sell. The ‘Pic of the Day’ tool is automated in the way a gallery submitting program is, but due to the nature of the product, our webmasters usually place it apart on their site like they would a banner. With the new tool, they won’t have to worry as much about changing banners every week to keep their site fresh looking, (although they should obviously continue using banners where it works!)" explained Richard, adding that "This tool can be used as both a banner and a gallery."

"Our second new tool is more straightforward. After numerous compliments on our collection of in-house designed VirtuaGirl wallpapers, we decided to offer them as promotional material in TotemCash. And let me tell you those wallpapers are smokin!" Said Richard, adding that "As a general rule, we just try and listen to our webmasters and give them what they want. They are often better placed than us to bring new ideas, and we welcome their motivation. I think that’s the only way a cash program can truly evolve."

This tool is also available for webmasters who promote their gay site, VirtuaGuy2.

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